Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Merapi Sunrise

Merapi Lava Dome
Merapi Lava Dome (photo by Galih Jati)
Merapi Volcano (2930m ASL) is the most active volcano in Indonesia. It is also the shortest volcano to climb in Java. The length of the trekking to reach the summit is less than 5 hours walk. Therefore, beginners are welcome. Let's check our itinerary for Merapi.

The closest nice city to Merapi is Jogjakarta. Pick up from the hotel in Jogjakarta at 10.00 pm. With a nice car, we will drive to the base-camp, the starting point for the climbing, for more or less 2 hours drive. The base-camp is already in a high altitude, around 1500m ASL. The trekking starts at 01.00 am. The hiking trails through this route is very steep. It will take 4 to 5 hours trekking. We have to get to the rim of the crater before the sunrise. As you enjoy the sunrise, we will make cups of hot coffee for you. We will arrive back on the starting point around 11.00 pm. And then, drive back to Jogjakarta for lunch.

This tour demands a very good physical condition, but beginner are allowed to join the hiking. Some part of the trails are difficult terrain with steep passages and loosely rocky ground. Our trekking team are very experienced climbers, of course will help you to reach the summit on time. Sky poles or trekking sticks are very useful to help our balance and feet. Contact us to get the best climbing service for Merapi Volcano.

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